Star Wars: The Old Republic - Uprising Makeb

I was the Environment Artist on Uprising Makeb, a recently released group content map. My primary role on the project is being a world-builder, using pre-existing assets to create a new, differentiated environment in an interesting way. My main tasks include set dressing, lighting, post-processing, terrain sculpting/vertex painting, terrain mesh painting (including flora/rocks), VFX placement, polish, and level optimization.

The general layout for this environment was blocked out by our level designers, so the spaces were created around their gameplay intentions. All assets were created by other artists. A special thank you to Chris Reeves, my lead Carrie Meade, and to the rest of the SWTOR team.

Molly warner mwarner uprising makeb7

Makeb Uprising with the Gethul boss monster

Molly warner mwarner uprising makeb21

Boss monster room

Molly warner mwarner uprising makeb23

Boss monster room

Molly warner mwarner uprising makeb15

Starting area

Molly warner mwarner uprising makeb18

Mini boss room