Star Wars: The Old Republic - Gravestone Ship

I wanted to post a few older SWTOR environments before showing the newer ones. Here are a couple rooms I made for the Gravestone (the player's ship) that were in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

My primary role as an Environment Artist on the project is being a world-builder, using pre-existing assets in a new and interesting way. My main tasks include set dressing, lighting, post-processing, terrain sculpting/vertex painting, terrain mesh painting (including flora/rocks), VFX placement, polish, and level optimization.

All assets were created by other artists. A special thank you to my leads Jason Moulton and Carrie Meade, and to the rest of the SWTOR team.

Molly warner mwarner gravestone room1
Molly warner mwarner gravestone room2
Molly warner mwarner gravestone room4
Molly warner mwarner gravestone room6